Bridging the Gap between Nutrition and Medicine!

I am a certified nutritionist and a final-year MBBS student. While growing up, I never understood the brevity of good health until I found myself in a “life or death” situation. At that point, I thought: ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.’ I realized that everything we do in our lives is trivial compared to Life itself. We can do anything in our lives as long as we are alive. Being alive and healthy was the most significant aspect of life! This was the driving force behind my decision to pursue a career in medicine.

While pursuing medicine, I was part of a team involved in cancer research. During this research, I studied the various effects of nutrition on our genes and was fascinated by the direct impact nutrition could have on our health! The more I researched, the more I realized how little we focus on nutrition and lifestyle as part of therapeutics. Almost all the metabolic health issues we face today, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, PCOS, and neurocognitive diseases are caused by a lack of education on the right lifestyle and dietary choices.

This was a light-struck moment where I had identified a huge gap between nutrition and medicine. Ultimately, I decided to make it my mission to bridge this gap between nutrition and medicine by educating people on how they might lessen their own and the healthcare system’s burdens by making better lifestyle choices.